Why does my silver jewelry turn black?

Why does the silver jewelry wear on the body turn black? Many people like to wear some silver jewelry because these silver jewelry play a decorative role on the body, but some people find that their silver jewelry has turned black after wearing silver jewelry for a period of time. The situation just wants to know what is going on. Let's share why the silver jewelry worn on the body turns black. Let's take a look.

Why does the silver jewelry worn on the body turn black? First, the reasons for the blackening of silver jewelry .

(1) Personal physical reasons

Everyone's endocrine and physical conditions are different. Some people's sweat contains more acid, some people have less acid, and some people's body fluids have a relatively high sulfur content. These are the substances that cause the surface of silver jewelry to turn black, so everyone wears it. Silver jewelry will produce different results, and some people will wear it for half a year and it will look like new.

(2) The nature of silver itself

Sulfur, nitric acid, oxides in the air, and other substances (eg eggs, cosmetics) have a certain corrosive effect on silver. If silver jewelry is worn for a long time, the combination of sulfur and silver will form a black silver sulfide film on the surface of silver jewelry.

(3) The process of blackening

It began to appear as some small spots and then spread into pieces to form what people usually call silver scale, which turned black, affecting the surface luster of silver jewelry, and people have usually mistaken it for discoloration.

Because of these natural properties of silver, silver has a good health care effect, and it can neutralize toxic substances in the human body when worn regularly. Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect, can eliminate 650 kinds of germs, can be used as a drug testing tool, and are very beneficial to the human body.

2. How to deal with blackened silver jewelry?

(1) Wipe silver cloth. The silver bracelet turns black. Generally, when you buy a silver necklace, a silver cloth will be provided with you.

(2) Overnight tea. Fill a cup with a cup of overnight tea, preferably strong tea, put in the oxidized silver necklace, soak it until the necklace is white, and then take it out.

(3) Do not use alcohol. Be careful not to rub hard with alcohol, it will damage its protective film.

3. Which of the 999/925 silver jewelry is real?

925 sterling silver means silver that is 925/1000 pure. Just like the purity of 999 gold. Because pure silver is too soft and prone to oxidation, the formula for 925 sterling silver was created.

Silver is an active metal that easily reacts with sulfur in the air, making silverware black. Therefore, try to wear it with as little contact with the air as possible, and it is not suitable to wear it in places with strong chemical gases. You must pay more attention when taking a bath, and chemical and biological researchers must pay attention when doing experiments. Chloride in sweat also affects silver.

The difference between 990 sterling silver and 925 sterling silver: there is a sign of "S925" or "S925" (the former is a little more), indicating that this metal contains 92.5% silver. This is the most common sign, the most common jewelry silver on the market, and a common sign for selling silver in general.

Why does the silver jewelry worn on the body turn black 2

Why does my silver jewelry turn black?

Many people will say that silver jewelry turns black because it absorbs toxins from the body. In fact, this is not the case. Of course, in some Chinese novels, silver jewelry is given more meaning, such as by means of silver. Jewelry can be tested for toxins. During this process, if silver jewelry is used to test the food and it is found that the silver jewelry turns black, it will be judged that the food is poisonous.

Over time, the silver jewelry turns black, which is associated with toxins. In fact, the blackening of other silver jewelry such as silver bracelets on the body is not detoxification, nor the absorption of toxins from the body, but is related to the sweat of the body.

Why does my silver jewelry turn black?
We all sweat all the time. When we sweat, some people sweat a lot, and the acidity of the body is higher, but some people sweat less, and the body may face alkaline. At this time, silver jewelry will appear different. The blackening state, the more acidic components in the sweat, the darker the silver jewelry will be found. On the contrary, if there are many alkaline components on the body, silver jewelry will be found, and it will not become very black.

Even if some people have a lot of oil in their bodies and abnormal oil secretion, they will find silver jewelry, which may show a shiny side, and special attention should be paid to it.

It can be seen that the blackening of silver jewelry has nothing to do with the discharge of toxins from the body. For health care, relying on silver jewelry to think about the discharge of toxins is often a beautiful fantasy, and everyone needs to take more care. body to maintain health.

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Why does the silver jewelry wear on the body turn black Part 2
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