What's the matter with silver jewelry turning black in summer?

author: Blossom CS Jewelry
Many people like to wear jewelry, and silver jewelry is the choice of many people. Then in summer, silver jewelry will turn black. At this time, we should pay attention to it. What is the reason for the blackening? How to care for silver jewelry?

What's the matter with silver jewelry turning black in summer

In summer, the temperature is high, and the components in the sweat will corrode silver jewelry. However, silver jewelry that turns black can also be dealt with in daily life. The maintenance of silver jewelry is still very important.

Whether it is gold or silver, the oxidation reaction is something we cannot avoid, and there will certainly be such a problem to some extent, but this is just a normal change and has little to do with the health of the human body. Silver is chemically active, and in the air, if it collides with sulfur ions, it will form insoluble silver salts.

Sulphur, ammonia and other substances in sweat will cause the surface of silver to oxidize and change, and it will lose its luster after a long time. This has nothing to do with the toxins that people say sucked out of the body.
The material of silver jewelry will also affect the degree of blackening of silver jewelry. If the silver jewelry has been oxidized and turned black, it can be washed with a soft brush dipped in toothpaste, or washed with soap or detergent by hand.

How to clean silver jewelry

You can buy it at any jewelry store or Alibaba. It is also very convenient to use, just take it out and wipe it against the silverware. It can be wiped clean easily. And this piece of cloth is not expensive. So it is highly recommended to use this method.

Squeeze a little toothpaste onto our bracelet, find a soft-bristled toothbrush, and gently brush back and forth. Slowly, you will find that the black part is gradually gone. Finally, slowly wash it with water and it will turn white and bright. .

You can also use vinegar or strong tea to scrub daily, and the effect is the same. It depends on which method is more convenient for you to use around you.

Fill a cup with a cup of overnight tea, preferably strong tea, put in the oxidized silver necklace, soak it until the necklace is white, and then take it out.

How to maintain silver jewelry

When washing dishes and vegetables at home, silver jewelry cannot be worn on both hands. When the detergent we use for washing dishes comes into contact with silver jewelry, it will also damage silver jewelry, the gloss will become very dull, and there will be certain corrosion to silver jewelry. .

There are yellow marks on the surface, which can be easily treated at home. Just take some toothpaste we usually use for brushing our teeth, add some water to the toothpaste, and use it to clean the surface of the silver, and the silver will become bright and clean.

Wipe with silver paper after turning yellow. Generally, silver jewelry that has turned yellow can be restored to its previous brightness by wiping it with silver paper. If the silver paper has no effect, silver washing liquid can be used.