How to clean and care for your jewellery?


How to clean and care for your jewellery

Discover the best ways to clean and take good care of your silver, gold plated and semi precious gemstone jewellery pieces to help them keep their sparkle.

          Cleaning your jewellery at home

Handle with care

Handle delicate pieces with care to prevent tangling or scratching while cleaning.

Wear protective gloves

Always wear protective gloves or mitts when cleaning jewellery to protect your skin.

Don’t use chemicals

Certain chemicals contained in regular household cleaners can cause damage to any stones and discolouration to the metal. You shouldn’t use these to clean your jewellery.

Use specialist jewellery cleaner

We recommend using a specialist jewellery cleaner that’s suitable for precious metals rather than household methods. Gently rub your pieces with the liquid solution to remove any tarnish.

Don’t scrub

Scrubbing jewellery too hard can cause excessive wear. Treat your piece gently while cleaning.

Dry with a soft cloth

Wipe jewellery dry and buff it to a polished finish using a soft, non-abrasive cloth such as a microfiber cloth


Cleaning silver jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery naturally tarnishes over time, however using a soft lint-free cloth to polish and buff the metal will help keep your jewellery in good condition. Specialist silver liquid polish works wonders at restoring the shine of your silver pieces - it is also available as wipes for ease of use.


Caring for your Jewellery properly

Store in a jewellery box

Keep your jewellery safe when you’re not wearing it by storing it in a jewellery box or within an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

Keep pieces in padded pouches

Store pieces separately in soft, padded compartments or pouches. This will prevent scratches, tarnishing and tangling of chains.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Keep jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight as these can all cause discolouration and increase tarnishing.

Remove before showering

We recommend removing your jewellery before showering or bathing as contact with water and chlorine can cause damage.

Allow skin products to dry first

Skin and hair products such as perfumes, lotions or sun creams should be applied and allowed to dry before putting jewellery on, as moisture can cause tarnishing and discolouration.

Remove before exercise

Remove your jewellery before partaking in any practical activities or any type of exercise.

Avoid household cleaners

Avoid wearing your jewellery when using household cleaners or bleach, as some chemicals can react unfavourably with precious metals.



Caring for silver and gold plated jewellery

If worn every day, silver and gold plated jewellery will gradually start to show wear, particularly on highly-used components such as the chain or back of a pendant. You may see the colour slowly changing, but this is not a fault of the item, it is general wear. We recommend you store your plated jewellery in a sealed plastic bag when you aren’t wearing it, to help keep it in good condition.

Caring for gemstones

Any jewellery with stones should be worn with care as gemstones are fragile and may naturally loosen with continued use. Avoid bumping or knocking your semi precious stone jewellery against hard surfaces to prevent accidental damage.